At Green Spa Professionnel, Black Friday becomes… Green Freeday! ✅

Chez Green Spa Professionnel, le Black Friday devient… le Green Freeday ! ✅

Every year, Black Friday is a dark day for the planet. ⚫️

For many years now, the whole world has been experiencing a new ecological awareness, which is leading to changes in our daily habits.

Recycling, saving water, energy, reducing the use of polluting transport... Everyone is going with their good intentions, with the aim of reducing a little the carbon footprint which weighs more heavily on businesses every year. shoulders of the planet.

However, these good resolutions do not prevent flash promotions like Black Friday from being a hit.

This 4th Friday in November annually generates aggressive advertising , abusive (and often misleading) reductions, and therefore inevitably mass purchases.

More concretely: we buy a lot more during Black Friday.

Which inevitably has very negative effects on the ecology.

At Green Spa Professional, we commit to supporting the planet every day.

Distraught (one more year) in the face of the ecological toll that Black Friday promises, we have decided to fight in our own way.

Discover our innovation: Green Freeday.

Green Freeday

Black Friday and its drastic ecological consequences

The ecological impact of Black Friday (which sometimes even becomes Black Week ) is disastrous, for all the companies that participate in it but also for consumers who take advantage of offers that are sometimes more attractive than they really are.

Consumers are ordering more online, which is causing servers to overheat, requiring cooling.

On a more material level, companies send countless packages over several days, which leads to an increase in the number of transports as well as an increase in plastic and cardboard waste.

To give you an idea of ​​the scale of the operation, each year there are more than 2.5 million packages sent to Paris. Per day.

2.5 million packages per day, you can imagine that on the scale of France (and even the whole world), the carbon footprint could not be heavier.

Another statistic: according to Ademe, fashion and the sale of clothing generate the creation of 1.2 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases each year. However, INSEE explains that the sale of clothing is in the top 3 sales in France during Black Friday.

The very serious ecological consequences are therefore not pipe dreams: they are a real reality , which we must all take into account.

How to fight against the darkness of Black Friday?

The ecological consequences of Black Friday are not an invention. But when we see the scale of the event, how can we fight on our scale?

This is a question we asked ourselves at Green Spa Professional.

As an aesthetic wholesaler, we must act responsibly to best preserve the ecological balance.

But how can we fight against this global phenomenon?

After a long brainstorming with all the teams, we came to the following conclusion.

Sometimes the best way to fight an ecological scourge is simply not to participate in it.

This is how the idea of ​​Green Freeday came to us.

Green Freeday Black Friday

Green Spa Professional’s Green Freeday: what is it?

This year, on the Green Spa Professional website, you will not see:

❌ Ultra-attractive offer that will make you want to buy massage

❌ Great discounts on products you may not need

❌ Loyalty rewards for regular customers

❌ Loyalty program

❌ Gifts of all kinds

This year, at Green Spa Professional, we decided to do nothing.


In protest against the harmful effects of Black Friday, we are committed to completely closing the site for 24 hours.

Which means that for the entire day of November 24, you will not be able to place an order on the Green Spa Professional website , nor on that of Green Spa .

This gesture may not make a major difference on a global scale, but we are hopeful that other brands will take an example and follow the Black Friday abstention movement.

We sincerely hope that you will understand our involvement, and that you will follow us in this fight against ecological disasters disguised as commercial events.

Let's give back freedom to our planet with Green Freeday.