Celebrate Father's Day with Green Spa Professional: perfect gifts for every dad!

Célébrez la Fête des Pères avec Green Spa Professionnel : des cadeaux parfaits pour chaque papa !

Father's Day is just around the corner, and at Green Spa Professional, we're ready to help you cherish the father figures in your life with exceptional pampering gifts .

Our special offer for this season is designed to celebrate and care for these wonderful men who enrich our lives.

Let us guide you through our exclusive range of products, perfect for every type of dad!

A refined perfume for him: the beautiful Green Tea eau de parfum 100 mL

This year, our Father's Day pack is designed for all dads who want to take care of themselves.

To please everyone, we decided to do a collaboration between Sapiens and Green Spa . Discover all the splendor of our beautiful box!

Thé Vert eau de parfum, the essence of elegance

Every father deserves a touch of elegance and refinement.

Our Thé Vert eau de parfum , offered during this unique period , embodies sophistication and freshness.

Green tea, with its subtle and soothing notes, evokes serenity and purity , making this fragrance an ideal choice for the dad who appreciates moments of tranquility and well-being.

A gift of pure freshness

Without forgetting that the 100 mL bottle is a generous gift that promises to transport it to a green garden with each use.

Ideal for starting the day with confidence or for an elegant evening, this fragrance adds an olfactory signature that is both discreet and remarkable.

Pamper him with Sapiens: all organic care for men!

And as a bonus of Thé Vert eau de parfum, you have the choice between a whole selection of Sapiens products.

As a reminder, Sapiens is a brand designed by men, for men. 100% natural and organic facial and beard care : what more could you ask for?

All you have to do is make your choice!

Organic facial and beard moisturizer

For the dad who proudly wears his beard, there's nothing like a moisturizer specially formulated to soften and nourish both the skin and the beard.

This organic treatment ensures that his face remains hydrated, smooth, and that his beard is impeccably groomed and soft to the touch.

The organic exfoliating facial mask

Give him a moment of relaxation with our organic exfoliating mask. Perfect for purifying and revitalizing the skin, this mask based on natural ingredients helps eliminate impurities and dead cells, leaving the face fresh and energized.

Organic styling pomade

For the dad who likes to take care of his appearance, our organic styling pomade is the perfect tool to shape and maintain his hair with long-lasting hold.

Easy to use and suitable for all hair types, it offers a natural finish without weighing it down.

Sensei Black Tea solid soap

This solid soap is no ordinary soap: infused with the captivating aromas of black tea, it cleanses the skin while enveloping it in a captivating scent. It is an excellent choice for those who appreciate refined and invigorating shower experiences .

Organic texturizing styling spray

Increase the volume and texture of your hair with our organic styling spray . Ideal for a natural and relaxed look, this spray enriched with natural ingredients offers light and flexible fixation throughout the day.

Celebrate Father’s Day with Green Spa Professional!

Father's Day at Green Spa Professional is more than an opportunity to give a gift: it's a chance to show your father, your husband or your grandfather how much you appreciate them .

With our special selection and our complimentary eau de parfum, make sure this Father’s Day will be unforgettable.

Nothing beats a father's smile when he receives a thoughtfully designed gift!