Don't miss the latest Green Spa boxes for Valentine's Day!

Ne manquez pas les derniers coffrets Green Spa pour la Saint Valentin !

The Feast of Love is fast approaching: only a few weeks left before filing your declaration (not the tax declaration, that will be for next month).

While waiting for the fateful date of February 14, what if you stock up on happiness in your institute or spa?

Yes, you guessed it: it's still time to treat yourself to Green Spa Valentine's Day boxes ! There are only a few left, but trust us: they are worth the detour. We'll tell you more about it.

Valentine’s Day boxes, just with care?

If you're wondering, you know us well! At Green Spa Professional, we have one goal: to always go further to find what it takes to make you and your clients happy.

So this year for Valentine's Day, we said we were offering boxes made up only of treatments, which was a bit limited. Why not complete them with a beautiful piece of jewelry from a super trendy brand like Agapé?

Yep, that’s exactly what we did! The Green Spa Professional Valentine's Day 2024 boxes are a beautiful partnership between the sumptuous natural and organic treatments of Green Spa, and the splendid jewelry of Agapé.

You will love it, and so will your customers! Come on, let’s introduce them to you.

valentines day boxes

What boxes are available?

With Valentine's Day so close, there are only a few boxes left available. Just enough for the latecomers who didn't see the month of January go by.

So you have two beautiful Valentine's Day boxes left:

Monoi and Green Tea are two different olfactory ambiances. But you can imagine that we didn't choose them for nothing! We chose them because they are your two favorite scents of recent months. Between a summer elk and a cocooning autumn elk, you have varied tastes.

Regarding the Agapé jewelry to choose from, as the boxes are limited edition, everything will depend on their popularity. But you have the choice between rings , bracelets and earrings : it's up to you to select what suits you best.

What could be better than treatments and jewelry to celebrate Love in 2024?