The 2024 Spa Practitioner Competition: a reference in the world of aesthetics and spa

Le Concours Spa Praticien 2024 : une référence dans l’univers de l’esthétique et du spa

From April 13 to 15, 2024, the world of aesthetics and spa had its eyes glued to the prestigious Spa Practitioner Competition, a flagship event of the International Congress of Aesthetics and Spa .

This annual competition, which takes place each year during the Congress, brought together high-level spa practitioners from diverse backgrounds to demonstrate their exceptional expertise in three distinct categories: freestyle , neuromuscular massage , and energy massage .

And this year, Green Spa had the honor of being the official sponsor of the Competition! We tell you about this incredible event.

Green Spa, a sponsor that evolves alongside enthusiasts

This year's competition was supported by numerous sponsors, including Green Spa, who were lucky enough to be present alongside the jurors and participants . Thus, during the 3 days of the competition, we had the chance to witness the performances of passionate masseuses . A real joy for lovers of relaxation like us!

As the main sponsor, Green Spa not only contributed to the organization of the event, but also took the initiative to reward the winners.

Each winner received a complete kit of Green Spa products, further cementing the brand's commitment to promoting sustainable practices in the spa industry . Enough to test all the textures and all the scents, even at home.

How does the Spa Practitioner Competition take place?

If you weren't able to attend the competition, don't worry: we were there, so we can tell you all about it in detail !

Like every year, there were several events. This year 2024, each event spanned an entire day, and concerned a different massage category.

First day: the freestyle category

The first day was dedicated to the freestyle category , where participants had the opportunity to show their creativity and adaptability with innovative massage techniques .

Without any constraints of method or style , each practitioner was able to express their art in the most free and personal way possible.

This category not only revealed the diversity of approaches to spa treatments , but also highlighted the ability of practitioners to innovate and personalize their treatment according to the unique needs of their clients.

Second day: the neuromuscular massage category

The second day focused on neuromuscular massage, a technique that requires a deep understanding of human anatomy as well as great technical precision.

Competitors had to demonstrate their skill in identifying and treating points of muscle tension, which is crucial for relieving pain and improving body mobility.

The expertise and methodology applied during this day were evaluated by a panel of experienced judges from various therapeutic disciplines.

Third day: the energy massage category

The last day was dedicated to energy massage, a discipline that combines massage techniques with a holistic approach aimed at balancing the body's energy.

Participants used methods such as Shiatsu and other oriental techniques to revitalize and harmonize their clients' bodies and minds . This category highlighted the importance of integrating the physical and spiritual aspects in spa treatments.

The Spa Practitioner Competition, a unique annual meeting

The impact of this competition goes far beyond the competition itself. It serves as a platform for highlighting best practices , new trends , and innovations in the field of spa and aesthetics.

Additionally, the event provides an unparalleled opportunity for practitioners to learn from and inspire each other .

A real life lesson for well-being practitioners, which we had a lot of fun supporting!