Don't miss the Green Spa x Clever Beauty Mother's Day offer!

Ne ratez pas l’offre de fête des mères Green Spa x Clever Beauty !

Sunday May 26.

If customers still have time to buy a gift for their mother , for an institute or a spa , Mother's Day is almost tomorrow! In fact, you are probably the business best placed to offer original Mother's Day gifts to your customers.

Which means that to please them, you have to place an order as quickly as possible . For example, right now!

You don't know which feminine boxes to offer in your institute or spa for Mother's Day?

You don't have any inspiration this year when it comes to treatments and massages ?

Don't worry: at Green Spa Professional, we have absolutely everything you need. Discover the exclusive collaboration between Green Spa and Clever Beauty!

Green Spa and Clever Beauty: a unique collaboration

This year, on the Green Spa Professional website , Green Spa and Clever Beauty have united their products to offer you everything you need. Especially if you lack inspiration.

To celebrate Mother's Day, you absolutely have to offer pretty boxes . But to do this, you still need to know what to put in these gift boxes!

This is where this year, the collaboration between Green Spa and Clever Beauty brings you the answers. To avoid racking your brain, these two brands have chosen to offer a well-being box , which will help mothers take care of themselves.

In each box, you have:

  • A Clever Beauty nail polish in the color of your choice
  • A Neroli and Bergamot eau de parfum, the new Green Spa scent that is causing a sensation
  • A beautiful, colorful Green Spa gift bag to celebrate spring

In other words, everything a mother needs to take some time for herself ! All, of course, with a discount that will please everyone.

This way, you don't need to rack your brains: originality is served to you on a silver platter with the Mother's Day pack .

Prepare Mother’s Day in advance at Green Spa Professional

Mother's Day is in a few weeks, you know that now. But did you know that on Green Spa Professional, you can prepare Mother's Day in advance and at the last minute ?

You have around twenty days left before the deadline : why not place an order now? This way, you are sure to have a beautiful box to offer to your anticipating customers.

And if you haven't yet had time to look into the issue and the deadline is approaching, don't panic: on Green Spa Professional, you will be delivered within 24 to 48 hours!

This is the perfect opportunity to place an order, receive your boxed bags and offer them for sale the next day. What could be better for latecomers who will inevitably have forgotten this very important date?

Enjoy all your gifts until the end!

Finally, the last tip for making the most of Mother's Day ( yes, you too deserve to make the most of it ) is to collect all the gifts you deserve.

Because on the Green Spa Professional website, you can benefit from all the advantages of the Gift Box when you place an order. For those who don't know yet, the Gift Box is the small gift that appears at the bottom right of your screen.

This little gift shows you everything that is offered to you, by purchase period. Whether it's products , samples , POS , furniture ... This way, you can place an order with complete peace of mind, and keep the gifts from the Gift Box for yourself.

After all, Mother's Day is also valid for institutes and spas!