At Green Spa Professional, our brands push the fight for ecology even further!

Chez Green Spa Professionnel, nos marques poussent la lutte pour l’écologie toujours plus loin !

You know: at Green Spa Professional, we are always looking for the nuggets of Clean Beauty.

Who says Clean Beauty, obviously says respect for the skin, organic and quality products... But Clean Beauty also means respect for the environment!

And when it comes to eco-responsibility , there is no better than the brands chosen by Green Spa Professionnel.

The proof: Green Spa arrived with a real gem in terms of environmental innovation.

Come on, let's stop the suspense: we'll tell you everything about this stunning new idea.

Empty massage oil bottle

An ecological idea in the form of 250 mL bottles

This stunning idea materializes in the form of pretty little 250 mL bottles.

As a relaxation and beauty professional, you often buy your massage oils in large quantities.

Firstly, because it costs less.

And what's more, it avoids placing 1,000 orders per month, increasing your ecological footprint and having to manage all of that from a logistical point of view.

So you often order 1 L, 2 L, 5 L cans of massage oils … Which is very practical!

But not necessarily very pretty.

In the cabin, having a huge can of massage oil is not necessarily a very attractive sight for your clients.

However, it is still more practical.

So Green Spa asked itself: how can we combine business with pleasure?

How can you maintain a pretty cabin with adorable bottles of massage oils, while allowing you to save money by ordering large quantities?

The answer was obvious: by offering you empty bottles of intermediate size, which you can fill as you go!

This is how the new 250 mL bottles were born.

How do these 250 mL bottles work?

The idea is very simple: when you order your 2.5 L bottle of massage oil, you also add 1 or more empty 250 mL bottles to your basket.

You then receive your order in your institute.

All you have to do is fill your 250 mL bottles using your massage oil container, according to your needs. This way, you always have a small reserve that you can replenish whenever you want!

massage oil empty bottle

So, these are just empty bottles?

Oh no: it's much more than that.

These are glass bottles , empty, flocked with the label of the oil you ordered.

Which means that when you order a bottle of oil of a certain scent, you will only have to add the empty glass bottle to your basket. The latter then arrives with the correct label , to allow you to refill the massage oil you have just ordered.

In other words: you can have a whole collection of 250 mL bottles, in each of the delicious scents offered by Green Spa!

The advantages of this approach are, as always with this brand, 100% Green:

  • No need to place several orders during the month, you can stock up
  • No more need to order small bottles that end up in the trash once they are empty
  • The oil keeps perfectly and for a long time (store away from light, in a dry place)
  • No more out of stock problems ! You make your fillings according to your needs

So, what do you think of this simple and totally effective innovation from Green Spa?