Do you know the Gift Box on Green Spa Professionnel?

Connaissez-vous la Gift Box sur Green Spa Professionnel ?

At Green Spa Professional, you know: our primary objective is your satisfaction ! That's why we love showering you with gifts.

Speaking of gifts, have you noticed our latest innovation which dates from the end of 2023? No not yet ? Don't worry, we've thought of everything: we'll explain everything you need to know about the Gift Box !

What is the Gift Box?

The Gift Box is the pretty little logo that you see at the bottom right of the screen when you are connected to your professional account on Green Spa Professional.

This little logo is in the shape of gifts, and it's not for nothing! As its name suggests, the Gift Box allows you to receive all the gifts to which you are entitled based on the price of your basket.

Because concretely, at Green Spa Professionnel, we always have irresistible offers going on. But we realized that you don't always see these offers! Often because you don't see them before placing your order.

The objective of the Gift Box is therefore to give you access, in one click, to all the offers and all the gifts to which you are entitled.

In the form of a drop-down menu, you can select this or that scrub, this or that eau de parfum... You are spoiled for choice!

gift box

How does the Gift Box work?

The Gift Box appears in the form of a drop-down menu at the bottom right of the screen, which you open by clicking on the gift.

You then see, at a glance, the amount you need to add to your basket to get this or that gift. For example, by adding an additional €2, you can be entitled to a free sample of a particular range , to the professional catalog , to earrings , to gift bags , to Green Spa towels ... And sometimes even to furniture !

As you will see on the Green Spa Professionnel website, gifts are offered by purchase increment. Basically, if your basket is worth €125 or more, you have the choice between several gift options. If it is €250 or more, you have the choice between other gifts… And of course, the offers can be combined!

Which means that if your basket is sufficient, you can accumulate up to 11 different gifts!

This way, you can be sure not to miss anything, and to take full advantage of all our exceptional offers. What more could you ask for to make your orders profitable on Green Spa Professional?