Dénicheur de Beauté takes you to discover the World Massage Championship

Green Spa Professionnel vous emmène à la découverte du Championnat du Monde de Massage

In a world where stress and tension are often part of everyday life, the art of massage is emerging as an invaluable source of well-being and relaxation.

It is in this spirit of celebrating diversity and mastery in the art of massage that the World Massage Championship opens its doors to you, offering a unique platform for therapists from around the world.

Organized by the International Massage Association , this exceptional event not only pits the talents of international masseurs and masseuses against each other; it also aims to raise the standards of quality and innovation in massage practices.

And we have good news for you: Dénicheur de Beauté will be on site to better welcome you! In the meantime, we tell you everything on the issue.

The World Massage Championship? It's what ?

The World Massage Championship is distinguished by its warm atmosphere and spirit of camaraderie , where participants, beyond the competition, share a common passion for well -being and healing.

This event is a window into the diversity of massage techniques, ranging from ancient traditions to modern approaches , with each therapist bringing a personal touch and unique expertise to the competition.

This year, it will take place in Copenhagen from June 28 to 30, 2024 . And Dénicheur de Beauté will be on site, for your greatest pleasure!

How does the competition take place?

Participants are evaluated by a jury of international experts , bringing together recognized professionals in the field of massage and well-being.

These judges provide not only their support, but also their valuable expertise to ensure the fairness and quality of the competition.

The evaluation criteria encompass a multitude of aspects, such as technique , innovation , harmony and the ability to create an exceptional massage experience.

It is therefore an opportunity for professionals to present their signature massage methods, and to learn new techniques.

So it's just a massage competition?

The World Massage Championship is also a unique opportunity for learning and sharing.

Participants and visitors have the chance to participate in workshops , seminars and demonstrations , led by international experts.

These sessions are a source of inspiration, offering new perspectives and techniques to incorporate into massage practices.

The event thus becomes a knowledge crossroads, where experienced and novice therapists can exchange and enrich each other.

Finally, the World Massage Championship celebrates unity and diversity through the art of touch. It is an invitation to discover the richness of massage cultures and traditions , an opportunity to reconnect with the very essence of well-being.

Through this friendly and enriching competition , the event aspires to promote massage as an essential element of overall health and well-being , reminding everyone of the importance of touch in our lives.