Green Spa Professional is coming to Rome this weekend!

Green Spa Professionnel se rend à Rome ce week-end !

We told you about it a few months ago, that's it, the date is approaching: the European Massage Championships will take place from May 24 to 26, 2024 in Rome, thanks to the New Massage Association !

A dream opportunity for Green Spa, whose oils will be in the hands of participants, passionate and renowned masseurs.

As you know, this event, which brings together the best massage practitioners from across the continent, offers a unique platform to highlight the skills , innovative techniques and passion of the participants.

We tell you everything in advance!

The European Massage Championships, a holistic event of passion

The European Massage Championships, held annually, are a celebration of talent , diversity and innovation in the world of therapeutic massage.

Participants come from various European countries to demonstrate their expertise in several massage categories, such as classic massage , energy massage , wellness massage , and much more.

This year's event will take place in a historic setting in Rome , providing an inspiring and motivating atmosphere for competitors and spectators .

Diverse and innovative massage techniques

Championship participants will showcase techniques that integrate elements of traditional medicine and modern wellness innovations.

They will focus on holistic approaches that promote balance between body and mind . Using natural and organic oils from Green Spa, they will show all their know-how to a professional jury who will evaluate them.

A multi-faceted event

With competitors coming from all over Europe, expectations are high for the European Massage Championships.

For participants, the objective is twofold: not only to win and be recognized on the European scene , but also to share and learn best practices from other leaders in the field.

It’s also an opportunity to discover beautiful massage oils from eco-responsible suppliers like Green Spa! A real pleasure for us, who will evolve among passionate masseurs for 3 days.

The European Massage Championships, an event not to be missed

From the 24th to the 26th, Green Spa Professional will be in Rome alongside the participants of the European Massage Championships. An extraordinary event that absolutely should not be missed!

So, to allow you to experience it with us, we will take care to document all meetings and activities on our Instagram account.

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