Green Spa sponsors the 2024 Spa Practitioner Competition, prepare to be amazed!

Green Spa sponsorise le Concours Spa Praticien 2024, préparez-vous à être émerveillés !

Imagine a world where wellness meets excellence and dances with sustainability .

This world exists, and it is invited to the 52nd International Aesthetics & Spa Congress , where the Village Spa, not without a certain pride, rolled out the green carpet for the 9th edition of the Best Spa Practitioner Competition.

But hold on to your bathrobes, because this year, we're going up a notch: Green Spa, the caring and eco-friendly supplier to the spa world, becomes the official sponsor of the next edition .

And yes, we are talking about the 10th, the anniversary edition which promises to be memorable!

The Best Spa Practitioner Competition, meeting talents

The Competition for the Best Spa Practitioner in France , concocted with love, is a bit like the Oscars of the spa world, but without the red carpet and with more towels.

Every year, the most gifted practitioners in France come to show what massage they get, all under the amazed eyes of a jury sharper than a pair of scissors in a hair salon.

Technique, creativity, and that little magic in the fingers that creates an incredible atmosphere of relaxation are on the program for this friendly but oh-so-serious competition!

Green Spa: when eco-responsibility rhymes with festivities

By embarking on the adventure as an official sponsor , Green Spa is not only putting its name at the top of the bill; it breathes a breath of freshness and greenery into the competition.

Known for its nature-scented treatments and its green initiatives , Green Spa reminds everyone that taking care of yourself and the planet is ultimately the same thing.

This partnership is a knowing nod to all those who think that sustainable well-being is not just a trend , but a true art of living.

Don't miss the 2024 Aesthetics Congress!

The Village Spa de Beauté is preparing to become the arena for these gladiators of well-being.

For three days, massages will be the stars, and velvet-textured oils will flow freely.

More than a competition, the Best Spa Practitioner Competition is a celebration of passion and sharing.

It's an opportunity to meet people who speak your language, that of kneading and wrapping , and to discover practices that will make you a true Yoda master of the spa.

Come for the inspiration, stay for the meetings, and leave with stars in your eyes and maybe even a few tips under your bathrobe!

Green Spa and the Best Spa Practitioner Competition, a tradition that is taking hold

This partnership between Green Spa and the Best Spa Practitioner Competition is more than a beautiful story; it is a message sent to the world of well-being. Excellence and ecology can (and must!) go hand in hand.

Together, they invite us to dream of a world where every treatment contributes to the health of our planet.

So, if you have a weakness for massages that transport you, treatments that respect Mother Nature, and competitions where talent and humor are celebrated, look no further: the 2024 Spa Practitioner Competition is for you.

Come as you are, but leave a little lighter, a little wiser, and, who knows, maybe even a little greener.