Beauty Spotter and Greenlog: a new ecological adventure!

Green Spa Professionnel et Greenlog : une nouvelle aventure écologique !

Today, we have some exciting news to share with you , and not the least.

Hold on tight: our logistician since our creation, Greenlog, is moving to a brand new warehouse, greener than ever (yes, yes, it's possible) and ultra-insulated to pamper our precious natural and organic cosmetics .

But why the hell move, you ask?

And why is an ecological logistician so crucial in our quest for sustainable beauty ?

Sit back, prepare your favorite drink (organic green tea, of course), and let's dive into this eco-logistics adventure together.

Greenlog is moving: a giant step for the planet

Just imagine: a warehouse designed like the Fort Knox of ecology.

Green walls, photovoltaic roof, recycled denim fiber insulation (yes, yes, you read that right), and a rainwater recovery system to water the office plants.

Well, it's a bit of a caricature, but you get the idea: when it comes to ecology , Greenlog has decided to set the bar so high that even squirrels can no longer see it!

Why a new logistics warehouse?

Greenlog has always been an ecological logistician, since its creation. Hence the choice of its name, moreover.

But then, why change a system that is winning? ” the skeptics will ask.

To this, Greenlog responds: to gain even more margin for the benefit of the planet! More energy efficiency, better product preservation thanks to unparalleled insulation, and a significant reduction in the carbon footprint. In short, a brilliantly successful ecological triple backflip .

Less consumption, more savings: thanks to ninja mode insulation, the warehouse maintains the temperature better . Less heating in winter, less air conditioning in summer, and products kept in optimal conditions. It's good for the planet, and for our wallet!

In addition, with a roof that produces electricity and a building that consumes little, Greenlog's carbon footprint plummets.

The importance of calling on an ecological logistician

In our quest for sustainable beauty , every detail counts. And when it comes to delivering your favorite products, you might as well do it in eco-friendly slippers.

Reducing CO2 emissions

With Greenlog, each package delivered thumbs its nose at CO2.

How ? By optimizing journeys, using electric or hybrid vehicles, and planting trees to offset unavoidable emissions.

Eco-designed packaging

Forget the mountains of plastic.

Greenlog uses recycled and recyclable packaging, or even compostable for the more adventurous. Your package arrives, and presto, the packaging can start a new life in your compost or in the recycling bin.

Careful inventory management

Having a logistician who manages your stocks with as much precision as a starred chef manages his kitchen is a guarantee of reducing waste.

Fewer expired products, less waste, more satisfaction.

At Dénicheur de Beauté, ever greener beauty with Greenlog!

In short, Greenlog's move to an even greener warehouse isn't just good news; it’s a revolution in the way we think about logistics in the world of natural and organic beauty .

It is living proof that with ingenuity, commitment, and a good dose of humor, we can combine beauty with responsibility.

Beauty Spotter and Greenlog are an inseparable duo on the road to a greener planet. Because after all, taking care of yourself and the Earth is the same battle. And it's a battle that we are proud to fight alongside you.