Beauty Finder takes off!

Green Spa Professionnel prend son envol !

That's it, you've been waiting for it impatiently: it's the big launch of Dénicheur de Beauté !

At the beginning of October, you will be able to place an order from 8 different brands , and receive everything in one delivery . All with absolutely stunning green and eco-responsible guarantees .

Come on, without further ado, we'll tell you everything about Dénicheur de Beauté.

We make Clean Beauty accessible to all professionals!

The Story of Beauty Finder: widespread fed up!

If you don't yet know the Story of Beauty Finder, it won't be long before you do.

Concretely, we got fed up.

We had been working in the world of cosmetics for professionals for many years, and we could no longer bear to see products with obscure compositions, made for “ all skin types” but which suited no one… And above all, designed by brands that respect nothing in terms of ecology.

We asked ourselves: is it really impossible to develop ecological professional cosmetics, from A to Z?

It was then, driven by a sudden realization, that we left.

We hit the road, and we hit the pavement on the most beautiful roads in France, to get some fresh air and reconnect with this nature that is so dear to us.

During our trip, we met people.

And these meetings are notably with French professional cosmetics brands which have given us renewed faith in the world of beauty and well -being Made in France.

Because these brands do what we've been missing for so many years.

On a daily basis, they fight to create green , eco-responsible care and products designed to adapt to certain skin types.

These are brands that advocate environmental values ​​and respect for the skin that appealed to us. These brands that made us say that yes, a better future was possible.

So, we wanted to distribute their products on a large scale. And that’s how Beauty Dénicheur was born.

A professional supplier with hand-picked Green brands

For its launch, Dénicheur de Beauté chose 8 brands. Each brand represents a specific facet of beauty and well-being.

There are nail services , hair removal , treatments for men , facial treatments , treatments for women, beard treatments , jewelry , high technologies for tailor-made treatments... In short, there is EVERYTHING a professional could need.

Whether it's a barber , a hairdresser , a beautician , a masseuse... The objective of Dénicheur de Beauté is to unearth the Made in France gems in terms of care.

Each brand present on the Dénicheur de Beauté site is there for a reason: it corresponds to the very strict specifications that we have imposed.

So, when you order on Dénicheur de Beauté, you have the guarantee that the brand you are ordering from offers:

  • Products Made in France
  • Natural and organic ingredients
  • Raw materials collected with respect for workers
  • A green logistics chain
  • Innovations in environmental research and development
  • Impeccable ethics , from one end of production to the other

This way, you know who you are dealing with , and what products you are ordering.

Without forgetting that the Dénicheur de Beauté teams took the time to personally meet all the founders of the brands , to learn about the reality of their daily lives.

And between human and ecological values , the feeling has passed!

8 brands, 300 products, 1 delivery

In addition to offering you 8 brands with impeccable ethics, at Dénicheur de Beauté we impose the same demanding and strict specifications.

In other words, on our side too, the supply chain is tinged with a pretty Planet green color.

And it starts with delivery .

No matter how many products you order, and how many brands these products are from, you receive everything... In one delivery!

And of course, in a package of the right size , completely free of plastic.

As for delivery too, at Dénicheur de Beauté, we are 100% respectful and green.

100% favorable commercial conditions

We told you: we have worked for many years alongside professionals like you.

In other words, we know your daily life and your problems .

We know your questions, and we have decided to provide them with the simplest answers possible.

We have therefore decided to put in place 100% favorable commercial conditions , for all professionals and establishments!

When you order from Dénicheur de Beauté, it’s as easy as pie. You have :

  • No minimum order
  • No account opening
    • Several carriers possible
    • Delivery in 24 to 48 hours (depending on the carrier chosen)
    • One invoice , one delivery
    • Free delivery in France from €150 excluding tax

    Overall, we have taken all the commercial conditions of our competitors, simplified them as much as possible to serve them to you on a silver platter.

    Beauty Spotter is the wholesaler by professionals, for professionals

    You will have understood: at Dénicheur de Beauté, we love what we do.

    We like to create the foundations of a better world , and facilitate the daily lives of professionals looking for eco-responsible brands, respectful of the skin and the environment.

    And in addition to loving what we do, we do it well. We are available every day to answer any questions you may have.

    Through our automated messaging on the site, or through social networks: all you have to do is contact us to ask your questions.

    What matters in our operation is your satisfaction . We think of you, and every day, we work for you!