Count on tailor-made slimming massages to prepare for spring!

Misez sur des massages minceur sur-mesure pour préparer le printemps !

We know, we know: when it's cold like this, it's hard to think about preparing for spring . And even less in summer...

But if you have managed an institute or a relaxation establishment for several years, you already know: anticipating is the best solution. Especially for busy periods like sunny days.

Because at the end of winter , customers want to take care of themselves. And we're not going to lie: the desire to feel good about yourself on the beach weighs heavily.

It is often when temperatures rise that we observe an increase in demand for slimming massages.

And that's why at Green Spa Professional, we decided to offer you your spring and summer on a silver platter. Discover the superb Slimming pack, with a Green Spa massage oil and a Slimming active ingredient from Assembleuses!

The Green Spa Professional Slimming pack, a marvel for tailor-made slimming massages

The Slimming pack offered by Green Spa Professional is everything you need to be able to offer tailor-made slimming massages to your clients.

It's simple: you have the choice among all the scents of Green Spa oils (organic or natural). And you also receive a Bougainvillea Slimming active ingredient, which helps to visibly reduce the fatty nature of the skin.

With this pack, you will therefore receive:

  • 1 oil in cabin format of the scent of your choice
  • 1 vial of 10 mL of the patented Bougainvillea slimming active ingredient

Then, all you have to do is make your mixtures directly before your massages ! Please note that for an average massage, you will need to make a mixture with:

  • 30 grams of massage oil
  • 2 active ingredient pipettes

Mix, massage , and observe the result. In addition to the fun side of the tailor-made slimming massage, your client will love being able to choose her favorite scent from all the Green Spa variations.

Everything you need to know about slimming active ingredients

The Bougainvillea slimming active ingredient from Assembleuses is a patented active ingredient , dermatologically tested , which provides all the benefits found in the Bougainvillea flower.

Inspired by what nature does most beautifully, it is a slimming active ingredient whose effectiveness has been proven following tests carried out over several weeks in collaboration with women. And if we chose this active ingredient for the Slimming pack, it’s not for nothing!

After regular application , the vast majority of women find that the fatty appearance of their skin is limited. They observe a reduction in cellulite and firmer skin.

A slimming massage with real results : what more could you ask for to prepare for spring and summer?

Which massage oil scent to choose?

So it all depends on you and what your customers appreciate! The advantage with this superb pack is that you are spoiled for choice. Natural range and organic range combined: it's up to you to choose your favorite scent for an effective slimming massage oil .

  • Oud and Sandalwood for woody and musky cravings
  • Apricot for your fruity moments
  • Mandarin and Yuzu for a touch of freshness
  • Ambré for desires elsewhere
  • Powder for romantic looks
  • Monoi for a touch of jasmine
  • La Fleur de Tiaré to create a “beach” atmosphere
  • Melon Mango for the sweet and fruity touch
  • Green Tea for mid-season finesse
  • Patchouli Spices for autumnal cocooning

So, what will it be for you?