Green Spa is releasing a new limited edition scent!

Green Spa sort une nouvelle senteur en édition limitée !

If you follow us on the networks, you already know: Green Spa has just released its brand new scent , in limited edition! And it’s already all the rage.

This scent is a springtime olfactory nuance that you will love to celebrate the return of sunny days at the lovely start of spring . Neroli and Bergamot come together in Green Spa body treatments , to do justice to spring and your desire for warmth!

Green Spa Professional tells you everything.

Neroli and Bergamot: a floral and citrus ballet for spring

Neroli and Bergamot is the birth of an olfaction inspired by spring and (as always) nature. Because you know: for Green Spa, there is nothing better than natural!

Available in massage oil, scrub , body butter and eau de parfum , this natural range opens onto a unique olfactory landscape.

At the first inhale, you smell citrus , lemon and yuzu , which already dance with bergamot and neroli . The whole thing is fruity and floral, and makes you want to know more.

It is then that the alliance between fruits and flowers opens with pink pepper and white musk , two scents made perfect by the presence of thyme and rosemary .

As we told you, Neroli and Bergamot is spring in a beautiful glass bottle. You will love it!

A limited edition that comes with beautiful cases!

Neroli and Bergamot is also a limited edition scent! And who says limited edition, also says great novelty.

You will notice in the beautiful photos of Green Spa that each product in resale format is supplied with a superb case. This eco-responsible, flowery and colorful case is ideal for having a beautiful display in your institute.

Slender, thin and full of beautiful colors , the resale format cases blend perfectly with all interior decorations. You will be able to offer them for sale to your customers, and provide them with a whole care ritual in beautiful cases. We love this new feature which really makes a difference in institutes!

All body care formats to meet all your needs

The Neroli and Bergamot scent in resale format is therefore supplied in beautiful cases with a floral design. In 100 mL or 180 mL depending on the body care products, you have plenty of choice to offer your customers.

But to help you save money, these body treatments are also available in cabin format ! Always with this beautiful label which gives them their charm, so they can be installed comfortably in your massage cabins without clashing with the decor.

Between small formats and large formats, all you have to do is make your choice.

The new scent in partnership with the European Massage Championship

The last thing you need to know about the new Neroli and Bergamot scent (besides the fact that it smells amazing) is that it's a limited edition that was designed in honor of the World Championship. Massage Europe .

This Championship brings together all the greatest masseurs in Europe, and will take place in Rome from May 24 to 26, 2024. And as you already know, Green Spa Professional and Green Spa will be present on site!

Green Spa created this beautiful spring scent in collaboration with the masseurs who will be present. We can't wait to know what you think!