Temana, our massage training partner

Temana, notre partenaire de formation de massage

You know: at Green Spa Professional, we have been working alongside professionals for many years now.

Between beauty institutes , wellness centers , beauticians' offices ... Massages are the common lot of many of you.

But you still need to be able to train in the latest massage techniques ! And if possible, with a training center that listens , is passionate about what it does and takes learning the different massages to heart.

You know us: we had to unearth this gem, to give you access to the BEST massage training!

And we found this nugget within the beautiful school that is Temana.

Temana, a story of passion for well-being

Temana is a massage school which was founded in 2008. It was founded by Sandra and Patrice , both passionate about well-being and relaxation.

Sandra, after many years working as an HR manager , put her passion for massage to good use and trained in various massage techniques.

In France, at the Wat Po Temple in Bangkok , at the Hawaii Healing Arts College … Between Lomi-Lomi , Ayurvedic and Thai , she enriched her experience with cross-border learning.

And Patrice did the same, exploring during massage training in the United States and Thailand.

Together, Sandra and Patrice founded Temana, a training school for massage techniques that is as human as it is demanding. Because for the co-founders, massage is an art that must be respected.

The holistic teaching that Temana advocates allows for human learning, adapted to all levels and all desires .

The deepest desire of Temana trainers is to transmit their passion for massage to learners . All with solid learning guarantees and personalized support at all stages.

Passion for well-being , know-how and transmission : at Green Spa Professional, we fell under the spell of Temana, a school guided by transcendent human values.

Well-being massage training across borders

In addition to their ideal ethics, what makes Temana such an essential structure is also the quality and diversity of its training.

No matter what massage you want to train in, Temana can offer it to you! The school has dozens of trainers , who can teach you the latest massage techniques in person , or online thanks to their e-learning platform.

As Temana's trainers and founders are passionate, they stay up to date with the latest innovations in massage.

Which means that within Temana, you can train in the most classic massage techniques such as Californian massage .

But you can also go even further in holistic care , for example by learning Ayurvedic abhyanga massage or even Thai foot reflexology !

Some massages are general , others are targeted like Chi Nei Tsang .

In all cases, the massages provided by Temana trainers are themselves learned seriously, respecting the traditions of their countries of origin.

Within the Temana training program , you will discover dozens of different massages, which will necessarily meet the preferences of your customers.

Aesthetic training for massage professionals

But that's not all !

Temana extends its know-how to the aesthetics and well-being professions .

So, in addition to massages, alongside the trainers you can follow training as a ciliary prosthetist , or learn threading hair removal .

Temana is the perfect training school to give you the means to express your passion for relaxation and beauty.

A massage training school that only works with natural treatments

In addition to their fascinating history, we chose Temana as partners because the school imposes very strict specifications in environmental matters .

Indeed, for Temana, it is impossible to teach the beautiful art of massage without taking care of the planet!

During its training, the school therefore strives to use only natural and organic products and treatments . In particular, she works in close collaboration with Green Spa, one of the Green Spa Professional brands.

To encourage Temana in its eco-responsible guideline , Green Spa Professional has therefore chosen to create a partnership. Thus, Temana trainers and learners have privileged access to the natural products available on the Green Spa Professional website.

Because what could be more beautiful than advocating natural beauty?

With our partner Temana, discover holistic massage learning!

If we chose Temana as our massage training partner , it's not for nothing!

For almost 15 years, the school has proven itself every year, both in terms of quality of learning and human values.

With Temana, we found a massage training school that takes its role very seriously. Concerned about the well-being of their learners, the trainers offer tailor-made training, adapted to all needs and all levels.

The training courses are carefully developed after traditional learning , and transmitted with simplicity and application. If you are looking for a humane and attentive school , this is THE nugget that will allow your establishment to take off.

Much more than a school, Temana is a true partner for your establishment . And that’s also why Green Spa Professional evolves alongside them every day!