The ultimate guide to choosing your aesthetic wholesaler

Le guide ultime pour choisir votre grossiste esthétique

Imagine a world where every beauty professional has access to the best products, where each treatment becomes a moment of pure relaxation and respect for the environment .

It is into this world that Green Spa Professional is committed to transporting you.

We begin our journey with the story of Camille, a passionate beautician , who transformed her institute thanks to an informed choice of her aesthetic wholesaler.

In Green Spa Professionnel, she found a reliable partner, offering a range of products that respect the planet and the skin, emphasizing the importance of a wise choice for the success of her business.

If you don't know where to start when choosing the perfect aesthetic wholesaler for your establishment, look no further: you will definitely find your answer in this comprehensive guide.

Green Spa Professional gives you all the information you need to know to find the ideal aesthetic wholesaler for you!

Choosing the right aesthetic wholesaler, the BA-BA of any establishment

The aesthetic wholesaler is the pillar on which the quality of services offered by beauty professionals rests. 

Choosing the right wholesaler means guaranteeing access to quality products that are respectful of the environment and health.

Green Spa Professional, aware of this responsibility, selects natural and organic cosmetics with passion , thus ensuring an offer adapted to each specific need of massage and well-being institutes.

But much more than a supplier who offers you quality products , your wholesaler can be a real partner, who supports you at all stages of your project.

From opening your spa to taking your needs and values ​​into consideration, Green Spa Professional is available at all times.

Opening a spa: all the steps before choosing your aesthetic wholesaler

Opening a spa is not always an easy time: between personal preparation, administrative preparation and taking into account all possible problems, it is a heavy load to assume.

Hence the interest in choosing a supplier who positions itself as a true partner for you!

The essential administrative procedures

Knowing the administrative procedures is crucial to opening a spa. This includes permits, safety standards and legal aspects.

Choose the nature of your business, know if you plan to hire staff, choose your products, the treatments and massages that you will promote…

A good aesthetic wholesaler should be able to provide you with all the answers you need during this laborious step, to say the least.

Personal preparation

Personal preparation involves understanding the market , customer expectations and developing a unique care philosophy.

Choose a location, know if you plan to provide home care, know what type of clientele you are targeting, what your prices will be... And above all, anticipate any possible problems that you may encounter, in order to find a solution for them even before they do not show up.

All necessary training

Specific training in spa management and treatment techniques is essential to guarantee quality and professional service.

Massage training, specific haircuts, training to manage an institute, become a manager, build a team... There are all kinds! It's up to you to choose the ones that suit you best.

aesthetic wholesaler

Find out everything about the world of aesthetic products from your wholesaler

Once you have followed all the necessary preparation steps , it is essential to take the time to learn about all the worlds of beauty , hairdressing, care and well-being.
In other words, all possible classifications into which the products you need can fit!

Here's a little extract that should help you see things more clearly.

Body products

In the world of personal care, efficiency meets well-being . From moisturizing creams to exfoliating scrubs, each product is selected to offer a unique sensory experience while caring for the skin.

Facial treatments

The face, mirror of the soul, deserves specific care. From gentle cleansers to concentrated serums , each product is chosen for its effectiveness and gentleness.

Solid products

Ecological and practical, shampoos , deodorants and solid soaps are a revolution in the world of beauty. They combine efficiency and respect for the environment.

Products for the home

Candles and home fragrances create a relaxing and warm atmosphere, essential for a complete well-being experience.

Care for men

Men deserve appropriate care too ! From shaving products to moisturizers, each item is designed to meet their specific needs.

Cosmetic technology

Innovation at the service of beauty. High-tech devices offer advanced treatments for an improved customer experience, especially for slimming treatments.

Food supplements

Beauty also comes from within! Dietary supplements play a crucial role in overall well-being, complementing external care.


Accessories are the finishing touches to a beauty session. Jewelry selected for its elegance and quality enhances the customer experience.

Hair removal products

Hair removal is an essential aesthetic service. Choosing the right products (wax strips, wax tablets, etc. ) guarantees a comfortable and effective experience for the customer.

The nail salon

From varnishes to nail care , each nail product is chosen for its quality and hold, ensuring a perfect finish.

What are the essential values ​​of a good aesthetic wholesaler?

Once you have identified the beauty worlds you need, it is time to answer the question: what do you expect from your aesthetic supplier?

You expect quality, eco-responsible products, that’s obvious.

But apart from beauty products, it is also normal to expect your supplier to maintain the values ​​that are dear to you.

Discover some qualities you can expect from your aesthetic wholesaler. 

Ecological concerns

A good wholesaler must have a strong ecological conscience , choosing durable and environmentally friendly products.

Indeed, it's impossible to take care of your clients' skin without taking care of the environment ! Especially since the world of beauty is one of the sectors that closely monitors its ecological footprint.

Transparency and honesty

Transparency to customers about the origin and composition of products is essential to establish trust and credibility. Even more so when it comes to the origin of the ingredients! Nothing better than Made in France and Clean Beauty , right?

Proximity to customers

A close relationship allows us to understand and best respond to the specific needs of each client.


Quality products must be accessible to all professionals , regardless of their size or location.

Without forgetting that your aesthetic supplier remains a true partner : which means that he must be able to answer your questions as quickly as possible.

It is therefore normal to expect your wholesaler to be responsive.

Prioritizing Made in France products

Finally, favoring products made in France supports the local economy and ensures superior quality.

Another requirement that can be a real asset in the eyes of your customers !

aesthetic wholesaler

All the criteria for choosing your aesthetic wholesaler when you are a hairdresser

Certain well-being and aesthetics professions have specific requirements towards their wholesalers.

This is for example the case of hairdressers , who need specific products.

A good selection of products

For a hairdresser, the choice of hair products is crucial. They must be of high quality, nourishing and respectful of the scalp and the environment.

Values ​​that suit you

In addition, the wholesaler must share the hairdresser's values ​​of sustainability and ethics. This synergy guarantees an offer aligned with customer expectations.

All the criteria for choosing your aesthetic wholesaler when you are a barber

And what about as a barber ? Here too, the requirements can be very specific, whether towards the products or the values ​​of the wholesaler.

Quality products

For a barber, excellence in shaving and beard care products is essential. They must combine efficiency and gentleness.

Values ​​consistent with your institute

Finally, respect for craftsmanship and tradition, combined with a modern and ecological approach, defines the ideal choice of a wholesaler for a barber.

aesthetic wholesaler

All the criteria for choosing your aesthetic wholesaler when you run an institute or spa

To finish with very specific professions , the choice of aesthetic wholesaler when managing an institute or spa is also crucial.

Without forgetting that this choice depends a lot on one thing: the specialization of your institute.
Indeed, whether you are a massage institute or a beauty institute, the requirements for the products or the values ​​of your wholesaler will not be the same.

Take care to remain consistent with your expectations, to make the best choices of aesthetic supplier.

With Green Spa Professional, opt for reliability!

Green Spa Professional, more than just a wholesaler , positions itself as a trusted partner and an expert in natural and organic cosmetics.

Behind each selected product, there is a passionate team, dedicated to offering the best for your institutes, spas, hair salons and barber shops.

Choosing Green Spa Professional means choosing excellence, sustainability and personalized service, thus guaranteeing the satisfaction and well-being of your customers!