Spas de France label: the quality charter not to be neglected

Label Spas de France : la charte qualité à ne pas négliger

You know: at Green Spa Professionnel, we are committed to supporting you on a daily basis. Which means that in addition to offering you products of the best possible quality, we always go further in terms of quality!

And it is thanks to this philosophy that we recently had an experience that is worth the detour. And above all, an experience which allowed us to realize, in concrete terms, the importance of quality labels.
Especially in the world of relaxation and well-being.

During our visit to a spa labeled Spas de France , the atmosphere, the service, the quality of care: everything was impeccable.

This unique experience has reinforced our conviction that labels are not simple decorations, but essential guarantees of quality and expertise for our customers.

So, we thought we would tell you a little more about the Spas de France label, and what it can bring to your establishment.

The Spas de France label: a reference in well-being

The Spas de France label is more than just a logo on the door of a spa or massage center.

It is a seal of excellence, a recognition of superior quality in the world of well-being and luxury.

This label is awarded to spas that not only meet, but exceed rigorous standards for quality , customer experience and ethical commitment. It is known for its obtaining requirements, which makes it a real guarantee of quality . For you, but also for your clients, who are looking for the best possible spa for their massage.

Obtaining the Spas de France label is no walk in the park.

It is a demanding and rigorous process that requires careful attention to every detail of the spa experience. This label is not simply given, it is earned through an unwavering commitment to excellence .

But to know more about the issue, you must first understand the quality charter and how it works . Green Spa Professional tells you everything!

Find out everything about the quality charter of the Spas de France label

The quality charter of the Spas de France label is what makes it famous and effective . This is a list of requirements that all spas labeled Spas de France must meet in the long term.
Which means that if your establishment obtains the Spas de France label, it is a list of guarantees for your future customers! Exactly what you need to bring in new customers and win them over with the quality of your care.

The quality charter of the Spas de France label is divided into 4 commitments. Green Spa Professional tells you everything!

Spas de France quality charter

The first commitment: customer care

Each spa with the Spas de France label transforms welcoming and caring for customers into an art.

The experience begins from the first contact, where each customer is warmly welcomed and treated with personalized attention. Comfort and discretion are a priority, with private changing rooms and high-quality linen kits.

Here is what certified spas commit to:

  • A personalized welcome
  • Individual support for the entire duration of care
  • Carrying out a well-being and beauty assessment for tailor-made treatments
  • Taking measures to facilitate client relaxation
  • Provision of a changing room
  • Provision of a linen kit with 1 bathrobe, 1 pair of slippers and 1 towel

The second commitment: the decor of the wellness center

The second commitment concerns the environment , the establishment itself, because the centers labeled Spas de France are true oases of tranquility.

The decoration, carefully chosen, creates an atmosphere of relaxation and escape. 

The materials , the colors, the textures, everything is designed to harmonize the space with natural elements, inviting customers on a unique sensory journey.

Well-being centers labeled Spas de France undertake in particular to:

  • Provide refined decoration
  • Use noble materials in harmony with the spa spirit and the 4 elements
  • Provide a calm environment
  • Stimulate the senses during treatments to facilitate letting go

The third commitment: teams and facilities

In a spa with the Spas de France label , every detail counts.

The facilities are modern, well maintained and designed for maximum guest comfort.

State-of-the-art equipment and spacious relaxation areas are standard. The relaxation area, in particular, is designed to allow a gentle transition between treatment and return to reality.

Labeled spas offer:

  • Equipment in good condition and well maintained
  • Sufficiently large treatment rooms
  • Massage tables that meet requirements
  • A relaxation space to regain your composure after the treatment
  • A hammam or two pieces of equipment such as a basin, a bathtub, a sauna or a jet shower

Spas de France quality charter

The fourth commitment: staff and care

Finally, to obtain the Spas de France label, establishments must make a commitment regarding treatments and their staff.

The staff in Spas de France certified spas are the cornerstone of the customer experience.

Highly qualified, the practitioners are trained not only in well-being techniques, but also in the art of welcoming and listening.

The treatments offered are diverse , innovative and carried out with natural or organic products, ensuring maximum quality and effectiveness.

Here is the list of commitments to qualify for the Spas de France label:

  • Qualified staff
  • Optimal hold and perseverance
  • Regular staff training
  • A diversified and updated treatment menu
  • Natural or organic cosmetic products
  • Treatment combinations in the form of well-being rituals

You too can obtain the Spas de France label for your institute!

To conclude, the Spas de France label is not only a reward for spas, it is a commitment to excellence , a symbol of trust for customers and an objective for wellness professionals.

At Green Spa Professional, we are proud to support and collaborate with establishments that aspire to this level of excellence. This is also why we only offer the flagship Clean Beauty brands!

Together, let's create unforgettable, high-end experiences, worthy of the Spas de France Label.

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