What legal status should you choose for your spa?

Quel statut juridique choisir pour votre spa ?

Imagine Marc, a wellness therapist, illuminated by the ambition to open his own spa.

His journey, strewn with questions, leads him to a crucial question: what legal status to adopt?

This question, central for any professional aspiring to launch their spa , is often a source of confusion.

Green Spa Professional , as an expert partner, accompanies its clients on this journey, guiding them through the twists and turns of legal options, while offering them an exquisite selection of cosmetic products.

Discover this short, detailed guide to find out which legal status to choose to open your spa!

Aesthetic wholesalers and their role within spas

An aesthetic wholesaler such as Green Spa Professionnel plays a fundamental role in supporting wellness professionals.

By providing quality products and sound advice, Green Spa Professional positions itself as a pillar for aspiring spa owners.

But above all, by knowing perfectly the field of beauty and relaxation, your favorite supplier can be of very good advice, at all stages of your spa opening.

Find out everything you need to know about the different legal statuses for opening a spa.

Find out everything about the different legal statuses for a spa

There are many legal statuses in France : all have advantages, disadvantages... In reality, it all depends on what you are looking for and your expectations from your spa.

Discover this short summary of the best legal options for opening your spa!

Self-employment: a springboard for small projects

Self-employment presents itself as an attractive option for those just starting out in the world of wellness. Its simplicity of management and its advantageous tax regime make it an ideal choice for modest projects.

However, this ease is counterbalanced by turnover limits and less capacity to adapt to growing projects.

The individual enterprise, control and responsibility

The EI offers complete control of the project, without requiring minimum capital. It is suitable for independent entrepreneurs looking for a simple structure, while accepting unlimited liability for their personal assets.

Open a spa legal status

The sole proprietorship with limited liability

The EIRL allows a separation between professional and personal assets, thus providing a certain security. It combines management flexibility and protection, while imposing distinct and rigorous accounting management.

The simplified joint stock company

The SAS stands out for its great adaptability and is particularly suited to large-scale projects with growth ambitions. It allows a flexible structure and limited liability for contributions, but requires more complex management and increased accounting obligations.

The limited liability company

The SARL represents a balance between professional structure and simplified management. Ideal for medium-sized companies, it offers limited liability and the possibility of shared management, while imposing a certain formality in its creation and management.

The limited company

The SA is intended for large projects, providing a solid structure for large-scale companies. It allows easier access to significant capital but is accompanied by administrative complexity and higher management costs .

Find your traveling companion with Green Spa Professional !

Choosing the appropriate legal status for your spa is a decisive step. Each option offers its unique benefits and specific challenges, requiring careful consideration.

Green Spa Professional , with its expertise and range of quality products, is at your side to guide you in this crucial choice.

Opt for an attentive supplier, to open a spa that fully suits you!

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