Agapé, eco-responsible jewelry with refined elegance

Agapé, eco-responsible jewelry with refined elegance

Let us shower you with gold!

During our trip on the roads of France, at Dénicheur de Beauté we crossed paths with Agapé.

A beautiful brand with golden highlights, which offers bracelets , necklaces , earrings ... In short, jewelry of all kinds, which promotes the beautiful green color of their values.

Because Agapé is much more than a jewelry brand that offers unique creations with an unrivaled vintage look.

It is also a French brand that takes its ecological values ​​very seriously. And you know us: it immediately appealed to us!

So, we elected Agapé as the jewelry representative at Dénicheur de Beauté. Immerse yourself in their world of golden marbling!

A Made in France jewelry brand at the forefront of trends

Born in 2019, the Agapé brand simply means “divine and unconditional love”.

And it's not for nothing, because the founders of the brand demonstrate an unwavering passion for vintage-style jewelry that is respectful of the skin and the environment.

Agapé is nothing but love, friendship and kindness, the 3 watchwords from A to Z in their supply chain.

With this in mind, we loved their high-quality jewelry, offered at reasonable prices and which bears traces of ancient culture.

Focusing their production on perfect transparency , they are themselves designers of their jewelry. Driven by a sudden inspiration, they model them on 3D software, thus bringing their passion to life.

The gold they subsequently use comes from recycled and sustainable batches of gold, so as not to harm Mother Nature , but rather celebrate it.

Agapé is the brand that allows you to shine , while celebrating respect for a powerful and nurturing nature.

Agapé, golden jewelry with green values

Eco-responsible production and cutting -edge designs: you understand why the beautiful Agapé brand caught our eye.

Agapé jewelry is delivered in compliance with environmental standards , in adorable little vegan leather pouches.

This way, you can please yourself , please your customers and shine brightly while respecting your environmental commitment.

What more could you ask for than to enhance your beauty with a touch of elegance, while taking care of the planet?

You dreamed of it: Agapé modeled it in the form of jewelry with a feminine allure that creates desire.

The huge plus of Agapé:

Agapé designers are passionate . And who says passion, necessarily says great motivation! They release new and trendy designs on a very regular basis, which allows you to vary the pleasures from one month to the next, to give gifts to your customers.