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Cire & Jolie, the hair removal waxes you need

At the start of our quest for French and organic beauty , at Dénicheur de Beauté, we asked ourselves: what do institutes in France need?

What are the flagship products used by professionals , who really need exceptional quality?

Among all the answers during a most effective brainstorming session, one jumped out: hair removal wax!

Because between a good wax and a bad wax, there is a world of difference.

Because when you pull out the hairs with a wax of dubious traceability, you feel the difference.

Because the scent and texture of hair removal waxes are also important.

It was then, during our treasure quest, that we came across Cire & Jolie.

This beautiful brand shone in a corner of France. Charmed by its values, its respect for beauticians and its involvement in an eco-responsible approach , we could not take our eyes off this superb gem.

Discover Cire & Jolie, the brand at the top of the hair removal and beauty pedestal.

Cire & Jolie, a brand created by a beautician, for beauticians

Cire & Jolie is a brand that advocates Made in France and products that respect the body and the environment. Like all the gems from Dénicheur de Beauté, it is designed for professionals !

Especially since Cire & Jolie is created BY a professional. In 2018, Julie Fischer-Binet realized that she was tired of buying her hair removal wax from questionable brands.

Beautician since 1997 with 20 years of practice under her belt, including 13 years on her own, she said STOP!

If she couldn't find the wax she wanted on the market, no matter: she was going to create it.

This is how Cire & Jolie was born, showcasing waxes with Made In France quality, and always at affordable prices for its professional colleagues.

And to further push her commitment alongside beauticians , Julie Fischer-Binet and her husband, Cyrille Binet, created the famous UDEF in 2014, which you probably already know!

A true guarantee of quality, this union ensures the transmission of concern for a job well done , and natural beauty in all its forms.

Between well-being and effective hair removal, a real gem!

In addition to its captivating and atypical story, what sets Cire & Jolie apart from other hair removal waxes is the quality and diversity of its products.

Strip waxes , potted waxes , peelable waxes … There is something for everyone! And diversity , at Dénicheur de Beauté, we love it.

Suitable for all skin and hair types, the low temperature waxes are ultra flexible, for the most simplified application in the cabin.

Between natural beauty, effective hair removal and proximity to beauticians: Cire & Jolie is an incredibly rich find by Beauty Spotter!

The huge plus of Cire & Jolie:

In addition to being available in many formats, their waxes are available in several textures and scents! Something to delight your customers, and your sense of smell so you don't get tired of it every day.