Green Spa

Green Spa, organic and natural body care

Beauty Spotter is above all an awareness on the part of the founders of Green Spa. Yes, you guessed it: they are the same teams, who work on all fronts every day!

When Green Spa was created, we quickly realized that small French brands respectful of Clean Beauty have much less space on the market than large international markets with dubious values.

And it made us angry. What an injustice, that notoriety takes precedence over quality in the world of professional cosmetics !

This is why we launched Dénicheur de Beauté: to be able to offer the sale of products that respect the skin and the environment on a large scale.

Green Spa, like Dénicheur de Beauté, makes Clean Beauty accessible to all professionals.

Natural and organic body care

Since its creation, Green Spa has strived to formulate and sell natural and organic care products to all beauty and relaxation professionals.

And to do this, nothing better than 100% certain quality!

Whether butters , scrubs , oils , eau de parfum and recently scented candles : the composition of all products is studied closely, to get rid of the superfluous and the superficial .

Green Spa thus guarantees the design of treatments that are respectful of the skin , respectful of the environment and 100% Made in France.

And as you already know, these products are designed by professionals, for professionals!

The oils are easy to work with, penetrate the epidermis effectively and have a non-greasy finish.

Natural and organic scrubs effectively exfoliate the skin.

The butters hydrate deeply while being simple to apply.

Eau de parfum creates captivating olfactory worlds.

The candles diffuse a delicate scent thanks to slow diffusion.

In short: with Green Spa, you rely on products designed for you, with their own composition and sublime scents.

Green Spa, a brand with deep environmental values

Because it must be said: Green Spa is a brand that takes care of its customers and the planet! The natural scents are unique and invented by a perfumer in Grasse.

Logistics is green from A to Z, with plastic-free packages and fast delivery to meet all your needs.

Recyclable , recycled , respectful and transparent composition ... All the requirements of Clean Beauty find satisfaction in the values ​​of Green Spa.

Values ​​that you find every day in the Dénicheur de Beauté quality charter!

Because, whether it’s Green Spa or Dénicheur de Beauté, your satisfaction is our reason for being.

The huge plus of Green Spa:

The flowery and worked aspect of their treatments and products ! Green Spa has developed a truly unique visual identity. Each scent has its own visual representation, which allows you to obtain a beautiful linear layout in your establishment.