Our Green values

The purpose of Green Spa Professional is to offer you access to a better world.

A more responsible world , better organized and above all more respectful of the environment.

This is why, at Green Spa Professional, our values ​​are above all eco-responsible.

Respect for the skin , diversity and the planet : discover all our daily green commitments .

Beauty nuggets exclusively Made in France

You know our history, you know our priorities.

The Green Spa Professional teams travel the roads of France every year, in search of the most beautiful nuggets of Clean Beauty.

And when it comes to high standards, we don't hesitate to be rigorous!

We select our brands according to specifications that are as precise as they are demanding.

First of all, you should know that each brand we choose represents a part of beauty and care . Nail care, hair removal, men's care, women's care, the latest technology, jewelry... A single representative , handpicked from the thousands of brands offered on the market.

Then, each brand we choose is a French brand, which is supplied exclusively with French ingredients . Because Made in France is not an option with Green Spa Professional!

The compositions are therefore 100% transparent , natural or organic and collected with respect for the planet and workers.

All products from all our brands meet these requirements: we carry out a rigorous selection , so that you can make your choice while having the guarantee that you act in accordance with your commitments.

The brands highlighted on Green Spa Professionnel promote Clean Beauty in a bold and innovative way. So you know what products you are ordering, and who you are ordering them from.

A chain responsible from A to Z : this is what you gain in history!

Natural and respectful compositions

All Green Spa Professional products have a very carefully studied composition . There is no question of offering you treatments with controversial ingredients or endocrine disruptors.

Everything is designed for your comfort, and for the comfort of your end customers.

On our site, you have a wide variety of possibilities in terms of variation. Different formats , different colors , different scents… 

Some of our products are even odorless, for the most sensitive people!

Several brands, one delivery

We therefore carry out a rigorous selection of the greenest French brands before offering them to you. But that's not all !

Green Spa is committed to being eco-responsible from A to Z.

We therefore work with a logistician who has banned plastic from its packages: Greenlog . He makes sure to choose boxes adapted to the size of the orders, to avoid unnecessary waste.

And above all, with Green Spa Professional, even if you order from several brands, you receive everything in a single delivery!

No more truck trips, no more multiple deliveries and hundreds of boxes... You have everything , right away and in one go.

So if you want to reduce the carbon footprint of your establishment , Green Spa Professional is the gem you are looking for.