Our commitment to you

Green Spa Professional is a platform created by professionals , for professionals.

Our teams have been working with healthcare and beauty establishments for over 10 years . In other words: we know your daily life, your preferences and your problems.

And as our goal is to satisfy you, we strive to give you what you are looking for !

At Green Spa , your interest is at the center of our concerns.

Which means that in addition to traveling the roads of France in search of the latest nuggets of clean beauty, we offer you everything on a silver platter, with complete simplicity.

Sales prices that preserve your margin

Nail care , beauty for men , massage oils in cabin format, resale formats of body butters ... Each product offered on the Green Spa site is sold at a calculated price.

Calculated so that Green Spa Professional can exist, but above all calculated so that you can preserve your margin.

Because we know that as a professional, your fees and expenses can be heavy.

And we also know that your purchasing power depends not only on the purchase price of your treatments, but also on the recommended retail price for your clients.

So, at Green Spa , we take all that into account.

And that's how we offer you products and treatments at discounted prices, to allow you to maintain a good margin for your establishment.

For purchase or resale, all our prices are designed in your interest!

Commercial conditions designed for you

You know: by ordering from Green Spa Professional, you give yourself access to several brands, in a single delivery.

From a cash flow point of view, it is much simpler to manage. But also from a purely logistical point of view , since you receive all your products in a single delivery !

Apart from the efficiency of our logistics process, we offer you 100% favorable commercial conditions for you.

Each package is delivered within 24 to 48 hours in France , so that you can have access to all the treatments that are the victims of their success, in the snap of a finger.

Mondial Relay, DPD, Colissimo … You are spoiled for choice when it comes to carriers. But be careful: the delivery time for your order may change depending on the carrier you choose.

An order that you can also place very simply since we do not apply any account opening or minimum order !

All you have to do is create your pro account, place an order and wait a bit. Moreover, because our main focus is your satisfaction , we offer delivery from 150€ excluding VAT on orders!

Finally, for budget reasons or for large orders, Green Spa offers you THE possibility that will make the difference: that of paying 4 times without charge.

It's simpler, it's more fluid: in short, it's everything you need to manage your establishment on a daily basis.

Green Spa Professional is a passionate team at your service!

You will now have understood: at Green Spa, we are on your side.

We are here to take your problems to heart, and to find an appropriate solution.

Which means that every day, during our opening hours, we are available to answer your questions!

Simple question about products, delivery problem, partnership request, proposal for a new green and high-end brand... You can contact us every working day, through our messaging on the site , or on the social networks !

At Green Spa Professional, we are committed to your side.

All you have to do is enjoy it!