Q.Re, natural and effective food supplements

At Dénicheur de Beauté, we know full well that beauty is not just on the outside. It also works from the inside !

Obviously, we talk about personality , kindness, and all these human qualities that are so dear to us.

But we also talk about inner beauty which comes first and foremost through health. Because feeling good cannot be commanded.

At least, that's what we thought before coming across Q.Re, the superb nutricosmetics brand!

Yes yes, you read correctly: taking natural and Made in France food supplements is possible.

And adapted to each need, to perfect the picture! When we tell you that we found a rare gem in our treasure hunt, it's not for nothing.

Take care of yourself from the inside with Q.Re

If Q.Re Paris is pronounced “ Cure ”, it is no coincidence. Founded 3 years ago, the brand offers you a chance to take a wellness cure ... From the comfort of your stomach!

Because the founders of Q.Re understood very early on that inner beauty could be distributed in the form of natural capsules.

So, driven by motivation and intense passion , the brand created care capsules that focus on beauty and naturalness. Exclusively for professionals like you, so you can offer a holistic beauty routine to your clients.

Slimming, anti-aging, skin radiance ... With the numerous Q.Re products, you can offer your customers tailor-made and adapted treatments .

A simple and effective beauty routine: what more could you ask for? A natural brand committed to respecting the environment ? Never mind: Q.Re does it too!

A green brand all the way to the end of the capsules!

Because in addition to offering you beauty to swallow with a glass of water, Q.Re ardently defends its eco-responsible values. It is also partly for this (and for the effectiveness of their capsules) that we were quickly won over at Dénicheur de Beauté.

Consuming without environmental awareness? No thanks !

Q.Re only uses glass and cardboard, to offer you responsible beauty care.

Designed by a naturopath , a doctor of pharmacy and numerous nutricosmetics professionals , Q.Re capsules are a whole range of natural treatments accessible to all.

GMO-free, developed and designed in France, 100% ethical : what more could you ask for than natural care?

The huge plus of Q.Re:

The diversity of their products! There is a type of capsule for all skin types and all health and beauty desires. Enough to delight your most demanding customers.