Sapiens, a return to basics for men's beauty

During our tour of beauty institutes in France, a professional asked us “ And for men, do you have anything?

Within the Dénicheur de Beauté team, we looked at each other sheepishly: no, at that moment, we hadn't yet planned anything.

A colossal mistake. Because men also have the right to take care of their skin, take care of their beard , and take care of the environment !

So, without a second thought, we continued on our way. With one objective in mind: to offer men the opportunity to take care of themselves, in institutes and at home.

That’s when we crossed paths with the perfect gem: Sapiens . A return to the essential which takes place in the minds and on the faces of men.

Sapiens, taking care of people and the planet

Sapiens is above all 3 friends.

3 friends who were tired of buying products with questionable traceability to take care of their beards.

But also 3 friends who wanted to be able to treat themselves to a facial treatment in a salon , without feeling like they were going off the beaten track.

So, these 3 friends, driven by a motivation and a passion that still unites them today, set out to create the most beautiful brand of natural beauty for men.

This is how Sapiens came to be.

As they say so well themselves, “ Sapiens is the brand we would have liked to find when we decided to grow a beard ”.

A brand that offers natural products, made in France (around Lyon, exactly).

A brand which not only offers the best in terms of quality, but which accompanies any man who wants to take care of his beard.

A masculine brand, which allows any man to recognize himself.

In short: in our quest for Made In France and high quality beauty , Sapiens is THE treasure not to be missed.

All male beauty while respecting the environment

In addition to their admirable passion for male grooming, Sapiens is always committed to quality.

Their products ? The explosive cocktail of well -being and care for all men.

They combine all the perfect qualities: Made In France, organic , effective, from 98% to 100% natural , ingredients with perfect traceability , Ecocert label…

But this is also the case with their instruments. Because Sapiens Care gives you everything you need to take care of your beard.

The accessories are solid, durable... And guaranteed for life , for your greatest happiness.

What if the path to a man's heart was through his beard?

The huge plus of Sapiens:

The team of our 3 enthusiasts even takes care of product formulation in-house ! This is what won us over at Dénicheur de Beauté: we are dealing with a brand close to the values ​​of its customers, which leaves no room for doubt.